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As the world stands today, every enterprise is primarily overshadowed by Information technology. Corporate governance has always been an indispensible part of corporate affairs and management. IT Governance is a subsidiary of the corporate governance discipline, with a higher focus on information and technology and its performance and risk management. Mitigation of IT related intricacies is very essential to have the business running hassle-freely on the corporate tracks. The Indian industrial ecosystem which is backed up by technology and upgraded business models, IT Governance has gained a leveraged significance. Be it a big shot MNC or an SME or even an entrepreneurial venture, IT Governance has become a mandatory practice. Unlike large corporate organizations with can afford the luxury of an in-house IT Governance team, SMEs and entrepreneurships have to rely upon the IT Governance consultants in the market. Owing to the high level of risk and opportunity associated with IT Governance, it is very crucial to appoint the right consultants who can add value and prospect to the business.

The current edition of Consultants Review brings to you “25 Most Promising IT Governance Consultants in India”. The list spotlights some the most unparalleled consultants in the industry who are capable of leading their clients towards excellence by abetting them beyond counseling level. The proposed nomination list aspires to guide individuals and corporations to choose the felicitous consulting partner, who befits their unambiguous requirements manifested obligations and objectives, helping them triumph over the risks and threats in business and burgeon towards transcendence and opulence.